FAQ on the Buzzbie App: Social Media for Businesses

A few frequently asked questions

Can I use photos from my own camera?

You bet! So long as access to your camera is enabled, you are able to customize and add logos and size any photo from your camera roll. New products, your dog or cat, or an upcoming event or sale.


How can I include my own logo?

It's so simple! Make sure you have hi-resolution copy of your logo on your iOS device, then in Overlay studio simply tap the "logo" icon, and upload yours! Easy as pie!

How often do you add new photos & content?

We love adding new content to the Buzzbie app! You can expect new seasonal content, plus new great images and captions with hashtags to go along with them!

On the Phone
Image by Jon Tyson

How to Add Favorite Hashtags

Here's a video to show you how to save hashtags in the Buzzbie App! Simply tap the heart, add hashtags that are unique to your business, and then do a "long hold" to add them in. They are saved for your future use!

Image by Jon Tyson

How do I share my design once ready?

It's easy! Buzzbie adds your work including hashtags and captions to the clipboard, so all you need to do is tap and paste!

How to Post without Overlays

It's easy and fun to post with Buzzbie even without using the overlay studio with logos and shapes. Here's how to do it! Questions? Email us at