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Being "Authentic"

Updated: May 10

We've all heard that "being authentic" on social media is critical for success, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, that's really up to you! Authenticity is about sharing your personality with your fans and just being "you"- why do you think everyone loved "America's Sweetheart" Betty White so much? She shared herself with us all!

Here are a few tips to help authenticity shine through on social media:

  • Showcase good, varied content. For instance, if you're a realtor, don't just post about your new listings or homes you've sold. Share design trends, market data and maybe a post about your favorite coffee shop to meet clients, or a new restaurant in your area with a great happy hour! Cheers to that...

  • Share an opinion, whether good or bad. I follow a gal on instagram who's account is all about hair styles for shorter hair. She reviewed 2 products the other day. One she loved, and one she didn't. She shared her reasons why she preferred one over the other and I (along with many of her followers I'm sure) really appreciated it. Honesty is so refreshing!

  • Be real! Don't follow trends or do things because that's what other people are doing... Do what you like, post photos that speak to you, even if you think it may be not "on brand." If YOU are your brand then it's on brand! Know what you like, post about it and share it!

  • Be thoughtful. Real comments on instagram and Facebook are so rare, and they're always greatly appreciated. So, if you see another account with great content, let the creator know by commenting! They will greatly appreciate it.

Hope this post helps in your quest to showcase authenticity on social media - give it a try. Not only will you feel great about yourself, you'll earn more likes, comments and followers are in your near future!

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