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Social Media Post Ideas for Every Day this Week!

We've all been there... You sit down to do some great social media posts, and your mind goes blank. Or even worse, you feel like you are posting the same kind of content all the time, and it's not getting you more invited followers or customers.

Here are 7 ideas for you to post about this week. And, of course, you can use your Buzzbie App for iOS or your Buzzbie App for Android to get those posts done beautifully across any platform you like!

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Monday: Share something that motivates you! Spread those good and inspiring feelings.

Tuesday: Tell a tale of customer success. Be authentic, and not too "salesey"

Wednesday: Where in the world! Take you followers somewhere in the world. Time to escape.

Thursday: Share a few of your favorite things. It's a great way to connect over shared likes and interests.

Friday: New friends Friday. Share content and tag one of your new social media friends

Saturday: Self care Saturday! Share a way you practice self care with your followers!

Sunday: Share a restful image of what your ideal Sunday looks like. Ask your followers to share what they are up to!

Remember, the Buzzbie Team is here for you! Download fresh content in your apps, and completely dominate on social media!

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