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What Can Real Estate Agents Create with the Buzzbie App?

Updated: Apr 5

With the Buzzbie App, creating social media posts is a snap! It's fun to do, and the results are impressive. If you've ever struggled with the "ever-changing" sizes you're asked to use on all sorts of platforms, then you are in the right place. With Buzzbie, you don't even need to worry about how many pixels you need for any given platform, or the exact HEX for your company brand colors. It's all there, ready and waiting for you.

Once you choose a beautiful, fun, or creative image that you like, it is simple to size it and drag around the image in order to select the perfect part of the image.

You'll be able to choose which platform you want to post it on, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

You can even add your exact brand colors, the fonts for your brand, and your company logo. We've included most logos in the app, and on the very off chance that your brand is not included, you can simply sent a request in to our team at info@buzzbieapp.com

You'll have a blast browsing beautiful images, (and yes! They come with pre-crafted relevant hashtags to get you maximum visibility, as well as guided hashtags to get you started for customizing!).

Get started with your free trial today!

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