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Wondering What Size Images for Instagram? Pinterest? LinkedIn?

Updated: Apr 5

If you're wondering what size images you need for every social media marketing platform under the sun - and yes, it sure feels like that sometimes, doesn't it? You can always reference our list below.

1200 x 630 - Facebook in stream post

1200 x 628 - Shared tweet image

1080 x 1080 (square) - Instagram post

1200 x 627 LinkedIn - link post

1000 x 1500 (vertical rectangle) - Pinterest post

You could pull out your copy of design software on your laptop and individually size the image you would like to post for each of these platforms. Or, you could just download the Buzzbie app which has all of the sizing already built in and includes any updates from the top social media platforms! Simply tap on the platform you'd like after selecting your images, and voila, sized to perfection.

This is a very important aspect of looking polished and professional in your digital marketing! Small business owners know, that "cut off text" or shapes, or squished images simply aren't the right standard.

We have a video here from our Buzzbie for Business Marketing "A Tip or Two" series which details sizing your images with the tap of your iPhone or android screen!

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