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Why Brand Consistency is Essential for your Business

Updated: Apr 5

Brand consistency can be a super power when you embrace it. Trust us, if you listen to that brand marketing director who is always reminding your affiliates to "stay on brand," you will be well on your way to instant recognizably. Why does it matter? Well, your followers will know it's you, presented alongside a strong and stable brand that inspires trust.

How can you develop brand consistency?

It's important to share beautiful content over time and use your brand colors and your logo! Your hashtag game needs to be "on point!" That means using the hashtags that will both reach a large audience, but also hashtags that are targeted locally and subject wise.

Sometimes you may feel like you want to deviate from the plan, go wild with fonts, colors, and styles. But, poster beware, the most powerful marketing is instantly recognizable. Audiences fly through social media and they don't spend much time, so it's up to you to catch their attention quickly and in a professional way!

That's where the Buzzbie App comes in! You can select beautiful photos based on any category you would like. Next, you can treat your users to clever captions, that you can edit further to customize. You can also add your branding, fonts, and other design elements if you like! Or, you can keep your feed clean and and stick to our curated imagery!

Marketing should be fun, but unfortunately it can take a lot of time and money to keep your brand front and center. With the Buzzbie app, you can post on the go, You can save time, and you can save money, all while elevating your brand. You are professional, poised, and great at what you do. Your social media should reflect that!

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