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All About Buzzbie

Details on the new social media marketing app making social media marketing fun, effective and simple for business professionals.

With the Buzzbie App, designing and posting social media content is versatile, and actually enjoyable! If you are looking to build your influence but don't have the budget to hire a full fledged design and marketing firm, you are in luck.

Let's be honest. Social media can be frustrating. As someone who runs your own business and is customer facing, you know you need a presence online, and it needs to look streamlined, and professional. 

Then you realize, you need to size your image differently for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You need to place you logo on your design. You need to make sure the image you used is licensed. You then need to research the strongest hashtags to use in order to make sure your content is seem amongst your target audience. 

Before you know it, you've spent 7 hours on the computer. Now it's time to get back to work? That's definitely not a sustainable business model, unless you are thinking of completely switching careers. 

That's where Buzzbie comes in. Start with your own photo, and simply add your message, you can upload your logos, add fun fonts, and an agile overlay studio design tool that you can use to customize images in minutes.  

You can also start with beautiful images by browsing the categories of already included photos. You can size them for any social media platform with the tap of a button. That's right, abracadabra! No need to load a complicated design program and export 5 different copies of your image. All you need to do is tap the platform you are looking to post on, and voila!

Or, you could even customize posts and text or email them right to your clients and sphere. 

We know you are going to love it! Download Buzzbie today and put professional marketing power in the palm of your hand!