Buzzbie App: Reels & Story Templates, Social Media Marketing & Design!

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Buzzbie App: Reels & Story Templates, Social Media Marketing & Design!

Introducing the #1 Branded Story and Reels Maker, but with extra benefits! Not only do you get cool fonts to use in your posts, stories, and short reels, you can also add your own logo, colors, and sync up with hashtags to reach that perfect audience. Try the app free and have some fun creating! For Android Users, here’s the link to get started! And for iOS Users, here’s a link for you!¬†

The Buzzbie Social Media Marketing app puts great social media marketing in the palm of your hand! From inspiring templates, to beautiful imagery, and the ability to instantly resize and post on the go, customizable and beautiful social media posting goes from headache to hooray! Overlay your logo in seconds, animate your text with typewriter effects, add zooms to your photos, and so much more! Best of all, it’s always getting better. The app has new content seasonally, and users actually look forward to building their polished feeds and authentically connecting with prospects, customers, and friends!

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Just $7/month if you like it!

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More than a story maker!

Add Logos, Text, & Design Elements to both Videos & Photos. Add your brand. Customize to suit your style, resize and post away!

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