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50 Summer Marketing Ideas!

In celebration of Summer, we’re sharing 50 Summer Marketing Ideas that you can implement for your business! Be sure to try some of these to make a real SPLASH this Summer!
1. Write about local Summer events like Farmer’s Markets, or Festivals
2. Do a Summer Style Giveaway!
3. Use some fun Summer captions and slogans – We made a bunch you can use right here!
4. Make a shareable Summer playlist
5. Warm up any of your ads with happy colors and Summer themes

How to Optimize your Instagram Profile

First impressions count, and it’s essential that when it comes to your instagram profile, you have put together the essential elements to interest your visitors right off the bat!
Your potential followers need to be able to see what your brand is all about. They need a clear message about what you do, and they need an instant picture of it all so that they know what to expect when following along!

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing can be a superpower when it comes to standing out in the marketplace and being memorable. After all, what good is a great message if nobody can remember who it came from?

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