50 Summer Marketing Ideas!

Summer Marketing Ideas!

In celebration of Summer, we’re sharing 50 Summer Marketing Ideas that you can implement for your business! Be sure to try some of these to make a real SPLASH this Summer!

1. Write about local Summer events like Farmer’s Markets, or Festivals

2. Do a Summer Style Giveaway!

3. Use some fun Summer captions and slogans – We made a bunch you can use right here! 

4. Make a shareable Summer playlist

5. Warm up any of your ads with happy colors and Summer themes

6. Do a Summer Sale

7. Add a nostalgic element to what you’ve been doing – Summer nostalgia is the BEST 

8. Host some DIY content on social media or youtube

9. Showcase how to use your services or product in the Summer …. Show them “why now?” Say you’re a real estate agent, is that new home what Summer dreams are made of?

10. Show how to make use of those long Summer days!

11. Summer bucket list content (make your products visible), or if you are an agent, do a bucket list of activities for you area

12. Make a list of free things to do in the Summer in your area

13. Share tips for a Summer staycation

14. Keep your style more relaxed and less salesy… Summer is time to relax. Relaxation makes people happy. Happy people are usually happy customers 

15. Share anything that will help people – always be a resource, like how to remove waterproof mascara! 

16. Post on social media about what Summer produce is out, and what you can do with it!

17. Make a “smores” board and blog about how it went then post it on social media alongside your brand styling! 

18. Pick cool Summer backdrops for any of the products you are selling 

19. Make a list of your personal road trip essentials! 

20. Make a video about “what’s in your beach bag!”

21. Show your top no cook meals, or no bake treats! 

22. Ask questions to your followers, like what’s your favorite ice cream!

23. Do a customer highlight or vendor or partner spotlight for each month of Summer

24. Answer commonly asked questions for the season 

25. Do a day in the life about your business on blog, instagram, and pinterest!

26. Show a “new product” sneak peek! 

27. Interview an industry expert or partner 

28. Share a good review

29. Ask people what books are on their Summer reading list! 

30. If you’re a parent, share how you’re balancing it all this Summer

31. Write a “how to” post!

32. Add Patriotic colors to your content! 

33. Partner with another company for a contest or giveaway!

34. Ask about your customers/clients Summer vacations

35. Start a Summer newsletter with updates!

36. Do a product checklist or home maintenance checklist that people can download or share 

37. Ask about your customer’s goals this Summer! 

38. Use fun and engaging Summer style stickers

39. Travel to a small town and do a tour post and video

40. Host a Summer Sale online and or in person 

41. Write and post a spotlight piece 

42. Summer style before and after! 

43. Write about your favorite Summer movies, review them, and ask others to do the same!

44. Share your best Summer memories

45. What’s in my beach bag post

46. Do guessing games. Eg. for Agents, and aspirational properties, host a “guess the price” contest

47. Ask Summer style questions, like popsicles or ice cream – take your pick! 

48. Travel outfits for Summer, or work outfits for Summer!

49. Do a post featuring how to take great pictures, then use the Buzzbie app to post them!

50. Make a series of “this or that” posts with Summer themes so people can answer questions based on their taste, and engage more with your brand and content! 


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